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Textbook Adoption

Request Your Course Materials

The Bookstore uses Verba Collect to make it easy to request course materials each term. Request your course materials as early as possible to source your materials at the best price and reduce stress for the start of term.

Textbook Adoption Deadlines

Fall Term: June 15

Winter Term: October 15

Spring Term: March 15

Summer Term: May 15

When adoption requests open for the term, instructors will receive an email from Verba Collect with a personalized link to access and submit requests for course materials.

If you did not receive an email for the current term, or you have recently been assigned your course, contact us using the form below to get set up as a user. You can also self-register using the following link:


To register as a user, click "Reset My Password," enter a new password and follow the instructions.


Coursepacks must be requested through SUBprint and you must complete a Copyright Review Form. This applies to ALL Coursepacks whether new or a reprint.

Visit https://subprint.ca/infopage?file=coursepacks_en for details.

Please use the "Add Coursepack" button within Verba Collect to inform us that you will be using a coursepack.

Coursepacks will appear in the Bookstore's online booklist after they have passed the Copyright Review.

Verba Collect Help Videos

Getting Started: Courses & Section:https://verbasoftware.wistia.com/medias/w0c47yuggi (44s)

Copying from Other Adoptions:https://verbasoftware.wistia.com/medias/62zsg01253 (1m 24s)

Adding Materials Manually:https://verbasoftware.wistia.com/medias/cuzzz0ck1a (1m 24s)

Submitting Your Adoptions:https://verbasoftware.wistia.com/medias/vm2reg0cc7 (31s)

Questions or concerns?

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