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Third Party Sponsorship
(Books and Supplies)

A Third Party Sponsor is an entity that pays the cost of a student’s books and/or supplies. Examples include Indigenous Bands, Employers, and Government Departments. The Bookstore is happy to facilitate this relationship, and with your cooperation we hope to make the process as smooth as possible for both students and sponsors.

Information for Sponsors

Sponsors must complete the Third Party Sponsorship Form for each student. Completed forms can be sent to the Bookstore at bookstore.sponsored.students@ualberta.ca.

The Bookstore is your resource for books & supplies. We are not affiliated with other departments at the University. To sponsor tuition or other student fees, see Tuition Sponsorship.

The Bookstore is not responsible for determining which books or supplies are required for course use. If a discrepancy occurs it is to be dealt with between the sponsor and the student.

At the end of the term, the Bookstore will invoice the sponsor for all eligible student purchases. Invoices must be paid within 30 days of issue.

Information for Students

Before visiting the Bookstore, confirm with your sponsor that they have completed the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Purchases cannot be processed until your sponsor has sent the Bookstore a completed Third Party Sponsorship Form.

Use the course materials search or refer to your class syllabus to find out what materials are required for your courses. Visit the Bookstore with your student ID (OneCard) to purchase your books and/or supplies. When you are ready to check-out, inform the cashier that you a Sponsored Student and the eligible purchase will be charged to your sponsor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your sponsorship, feel free to email bookstore.sponsored.students@ualberta.ca. Please include your student ID number in the email.

Sponsored Student FAQ

Use the course materials search to determine was materials are required for your course.

Contact us at bookstore.sponsored.students@ualberta.ca. Let us know what book you need and we will put you on a waiting list to be contacted as soon as it is available.

Contact us at bookstore.sponsored.students@ualberta.ca and we will arrange to have your books shipped to you. If your sponsor does not cover the cost of shipping, you are required to pay the associated shipping fees.

Your sponsor indicates what your funds can and cannot be used for. If an item is determined to be ineligible at checkout, you will not be able to purchase with your sponsorship funds. Disputes are to be dealt with between the sponsor and student.

Tip: Bring a backpack or reusable bag with you to the Bookstore! Your sponsorship will not cover the cost if you need to purchase a reusable Bookstore tote bag.

Your instructor may expect you to purchase the text from another bookseller, but your sponsorship funds can only be used towards purchases at the U of A Bookstore. Contact us at bookstore.sponsored.students@ualberta.ca to inquire about placing a special order for the textbook that you need.