Textbook FAQs


How do I get my personalized booklist?

1. Instructions on how to get your personalized booklist can be found here

 2. Under the "Books & Supplies" menu, select "Textbooks", and select "Print Your Booklist. 

3. Enter your Student ID, select Term, and click "Get Booklist". 


My personalized booklist isn't showing up. What do I do now?

1. Under the "Books & Supplies" menu, select "Textbooks", and select "Buy Textbooks".

 2. Select your Term, Department, Course, & Section. Repeat if you have more than one course. 


What is the difference between a required and optional textbook?

• A required textbook is a book your professor has chosen which contains necessary readings and materials for successful completion of the course. 
• An optional book is supplemental material chosen to assist in your studies, however is not mandatory for the course. These can include study guides and partial solutions manuals.

Why is there a used price on the booklist if there aren't any used books?

• Our database creates a new and used price for every title whether used copies are available or not. This is an automatic default setting that cannot be changed. Some items such as special packages, coursepacks, and lab manuals are never available as used.

My textbook is unavailable. What do I do now?

• Once the book is in stock and available to order, the status should change on our website. Feel free to contact us to check about the status of your book. Please note that books that are not in stock may reflect a $0.00 price or an incorrect price.  This is just because we have not received current pricing information from the publisher for that particular item and once the new stock arrives the pricing will be reflected on the database.   Prices are subject to change as new stock arrives.

Can I purchase an access code or ebook for my class?

• Available access codes can be found here.