Digital Course Material FAQs

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What is an access code?
An access code is a key that will allow you to use a digital resource. It can unlock a variety of services, depending on the purchased code. From eBooks to supplementary videos and readings to homework submission forms, many resources are available through access codes.

How do I purchase an access code?
You can purchase an access code online or in store. To purchase online, go here and manually select your courses to browse your listed materials.
If your class is not showing up you can also search by ISBN in the search bar.
To purchase a code in store, wait in line for a cashier to become available and then present them with your course code (eg: ACCTG 235 section A3)

I purchased an access code and only got the order confirmation. Where's my access code?
All online orders are subject to the online order processing time. The turn around time is normally around 24-48 hours.

I got the code in an email. Now what?
Please take that redemption code here and follow the instructions.

I got a status update email, but there's no code in it!
If the status of your order is "ready for download", the code will be included in that email. Be sure to go here to redeem the code.

I purchased a code but the status update says "ready for pick up". Do I have to come in store to get my digital code?
In general, you will not need to come in store to pick up your code. In most instances, the "ready for pick up" notice will apply to WILLO codes. If you have purchased a WILLO code, please take your shipment number and enter it through the eClass portal provided by your professor.
If you purchased a LONGMAN DICTIONARY code, it should have been scanned as a PDF or PNG and emailed to the email address on file. If you did not receive an email, please contact or chat us and include your order number.

My card was charged but I have never received any emails from the Bookstore, not even an order confirmation. Was I scammed?
If you placed an online order through but didn't receive any emails and your card was charged, it is likely you typed your email incorrectly when setting up the account. Please contact or chat us and include your order number to look into this.

How do I return my code?
All access codes are final sale, and cannot be returned.

I only have my order confirmation. Can I use that as a receipt?
No, the order confirmation does not provide us with the necessary information to process a refund. We require the shipment number and the ISBN of an item to be able to refund items. Please present your receipt/order status email.

So what does a receipt look like?
For digital resources, the receipt will be the status update email you received with your code. It will contain your order number, shipment number, redemption code, and ISBN.

I redeemed my code, but I no longer need it. Can I still get a refund?
Access codes are final sale, and cannot be returned.

I got an email notice that my items were cancelled. What happened?
It is likely that your order was cancelled because your payment method was declined. If you still require those items, please place a new order, contact or chat us.

I got an email saying I asked for my item to be cancelled, but I didn't.
In many instances, the staff at the bookstore will have to "cancel" an item and release it in order to trigger the system to send out the email code.
In this case, you have still received the redemption code, and you were charged for the item.

How long is my access code good for?
Unless otherwise stated, access codes will be good for 1 school term. If the access period is different, it will be stated as 6 month access/ 1 year access/ lifetime access/ etc.

Is the eBook I bought going to be a downloadable PDF?
Usually the online resource needs to be accessed through a proprietary app or web portal, or are downloadable in the ePUB format.