Textbook Buyback


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Textbook Buyback has been postponed.

Please check back for the upcoming schedule.  

The University of Alberta Bookstore will be buying back over 100,000 different titles.
To get a real-time estimate for your used books, you can use the online form here. When we reopen, bring your books to the refund window on the lower level of SUB along with your U of A ONE card and a debit or credit card.

It will be that easy!

Textbooks for Change 

The University of Alberta Bookstore will also be partnering with Textbooks for Change during the next buyback.  Textbooks for Change is a social enterprise and certified B Corp that collects donated textbooks across Canada and redistributes them to students who need them most. This includes sending 50% of the material collected to University libraries across East Africa (310,000 sent to date!). Take a look at the donation criteria here.