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Rectangular hip pack in black or galaxy monochromatic colours. Small maroon Jansport logo on the side. One compartment and a thumb loop to attach to a binder.
Accessory Pouch - Jansport Large, 1.3L
More colors available
Price: $19.95
Black, tan camo, magenta, green or black with a white grid called rincon. Large front pocket and main compartment.
Backpack - Dakine 365 Pack DLX, 27L
More colors available
Price: $84.95
In tan camo, magenta, black, olive green, grey and navy blue. Three compartments, an organiser in th esecond and a laptop sleeve in the last
Backpack - Dakine Campus L 17" Computer, 33L
More colors available
Price: $69.95
Comes in black or burgundy. Two straps across the front with a non-slip material to attach to skateboards. One main compartment and two smaller ones in front and behind.
Backpack - Dakine Urbn Mission 15" Computer, 22L
More colors available
Price: $59.95
Either red. grey, navy blue, black. Three main compartments with a large front pocket with mesh. Laptop sleeve is the third big compartment.
Backpack - Jansport Big Campus 15" Computer, 34L
More colors available
Price: $54.95
One main compartment and in either or velvet colours.Has a front utility pocket and a key clip.
Backpack - Jansport Half Pint FX, 10L
More colors available
Price: $34.95
Front utility pocket and a main compartment. Black straps and handle, coloured Jansport logo. Main backpack colour is the one you select
Backpack - Jansport Half Pint, 10L
More colors available
Price: $29.95
Monochromatic jansport backpack in magenta, yellow and denim blue. One front pocket and one large main compartment. Logo, zipper, bag are all the same colour.
Backpack - Jansport Mono Superbreak, 25L
More colors available
Price: $39.95
A backpack with a front pocket and the JANSPORT logo above it. A large main compartment with a laptop sleeve and organiser inside it. The bottom of the bag is tan suede and the rest is your colour of choice. Black web haul handle.
Backpack - Jansport Right Pack 15" Computer, 31L
More colors available
Price: $69.95
A large main compartment and a small front pocket with an organiser. Grey or black straps adjusters and web haul handle with everything else but the Jansport logo in the colour you choose.
Backpack - Jansport Superbreak, 25L
More colors available
Price: $44.95
Rectangular bag with a front zipper pocket and a main compartment. Garnet Shadow has a pink-red accent band. The rest of the colours are solid patterns. Botanic pet is floral on a navy blue base.
Bag - Dakine Jive Crossbody
More colors available
Price: $21.95
Brown contrast straps (black for the taupe bag) and accents. Front pocket and a large main compartment. Roots logo on a leather decoration.
Bag - Roots Tote
More colors available
Price: $49.95
Either black or Maroon. Classic fanny pack shape. Small Dakine logo on the side. Hip pack attaches with a seatbelt clasp.
Hip Pack - Dakine Classic
More colors available
Price: $31.95
A rectangular hip pack design. Monochromatic design with a diamond shaped Jansport logo. Two compartments.
Hip Pack - Jansport Waisted, 3L
More colors available
Price: $24.95